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Currently available in Colorado, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Utah and growing, Learning Ally's YES! Program is a program that pairing younger students with learning differences (ex: Dyslexia) with a team of older students who are trained to help guide them through a series of goals. The purpose of YES! is to help train students with learning differences to recognize their strengths and weaknesses, to help them build confidence and to provide them with the tools to become strong self-advocates. Through the four annual events, your student will:

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  • Build Self Esteem and Confidence
  • Receive Support and Suggestions
  • Expand Communication Skills
  • Learn About Dyslexia
  • Learn Self-Advocacy Skills
  • Build Friendships and Network

Parents will also have the opportunity to attend informational presentations at each event and will have the chance to network with other parents.

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Please contact us at yes@learningally.org!