Dyslexic Renegade

By Leia Schwartz

I wrote this as a jurnal on the last day of school. I want everyone to know my exirpens in school. June 26, 2015 Dear school who thinks I don't count, I'm releved your over and I don't have to go back for two mounths. You made me feel dum and like I don't count. Do you know how I know I don't count? You rol your eyes when I ask for help. You don't always make my texts biger you said “it doesn't count” and that means I don't count. I sat in my chair and wached everyone do the work and I couldn't do it. I felt left out. I felt dum. I don't count. I saw the email you wrot my parents. You said you wuld trane me to use the copyer mashin so I culd make my own texts biger. That's not nice. I know I don't count when my parents go to you for meetings to talk about me and how to help me and I don't feel anything change. I still have a hard time reading, writing and speeling. I know I'm 10 and I have a lot to lern. I'm mad at my brain at school because it gets mixed up a lot and I get frustrated. Reading is hard because the letters can move and I get mixed up. It's not my fawlt. I try and try. I even wrote a book about what it's like to be dyslexic and people are buying it and reading it but those people who think I don't count are not reading it. If they read it then they would know I count. Everyone counts. My book is called Dyslexic Renegade. I hope when I see you agen in September you will be understanding. I don't really want to see you agen. I want to go to a school that aperesheates me and thinks I count. Leia Schwartz, a girl who believes.