Dyslexia Stereotypes

Written by Sydney Brett in her own unedited words.

Having dyslexia or any type of learning disability there will always be stereotypes. People automatically think I am dumb and stupid and I am not smart enough or cannot ride to the occasion when in reality there are so many people that have dyslexia and they are some of the most intelligent people. There are some very talented and intelligent people that have learning challenges and overcame the stereotypes. Look at Whooping Goldberg she is a very influential person with dyslexia and look at where she is today. Walt Disney is another amazing person who had dyslexia and he was extremely influential and left an amazing positive mark on the world. So if anyone puts a negative stereotype on you for having dyslexia just know you can always rise to the occasion and show everyone that you will make your mark on the world and you can help others remove the negative stereotypes of people living with dyslexia.