Assistive Technology

Technology makes things easier for all people, but for people with learning challenges, assistive technology makes things possible.

Assistive Technology is any device or system that allows you to work around your learning challenges. You can use computers, tablets, software and apps to help do your schoolwork, gain knowledge and show teachers what you know. Explore some of our favorite technology demonstrations below.

Some Favorite Technology Tools

Here are some technology tools that can help you in the classroom. Check out the videos and demonstration links below. And then make sure to visit our More Stuff section below to find out about many other great options.

learning ally audiobooks

Learning Ally Audiobooks

Watch how Stephanie uses Learning Ally audiobooks

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dragon text to speech

Dragon Speech-to-Text

Anthony talks about using Dragon Naturally Speaking

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ginger spellcheck

Ginger Spellcheck and Editing

See how Anthony uses Ginger Software

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livescribe pen

Livescribe Pen

Victoria talks about how she uses the Livescribe pen

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Text-to-Speech Technology

This is a life-changer! Text to speech technology reads all kinds of things to you like website pages or even typed documents on your computer. Click below to learn ways to activate it on different devices.

More Stuff

Text to speech is only one of many different technology tools for students who learn differently. Check out more below.

 Bright Idea: Try a new tool for at least a week to know it if will help your learning style.