About Learning Ally

The 1in5 Initiative is the work of Learning Ally.

After over 60 years of helping families find solutions for reading and learning disabilities, we wanted to assist people in a way that went beyond providing audiobooks.

We wanted to create a place where answers were readily available through discussions and interaction – dyslexics to dyslexics and parents to parents.

Above all, we wanted a place where the people dealing with dyslexia could simply breathe.

The place we created is explore1in5.org.

If you or a loved one is struggling now, we’re here to help you through the journey – here to introduce you to the person inside of you who wants to burst out and conquer the world!

If you’re already conquering the world, we’re thrilled for you. We know– firsthand – the exhilaration that rushes over you when you finally figure it out – when you finally embrace dyslexia and deal with it.

When it’s all said and done, it really isn’t that bad.

Because we understand the lows and the highs of dyslexia, the voice of our experience is valuable. And we wanted our voice to be heard by people just like us – people exactly like you.

When we couldn’t find a mountaintop to shout our message from, we built one instead.

We named it 1in5, and we’re giving it to you – well, you and the other 60 million dyslexics out there seeking safe haven and voices of reason.

We just built the place. We want you to live here.

We’re confident you would do the same for us.

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